Possessing the Eyes of a Child

Have you ever noticed the eyes of a child when you read to them?

How they are full of excitement, eagerness, and curiosity?

How you can never get through the story without a ton of questions?

How they eagerly turn the page ahead to take a peek or turn the page back to re-examine all the little details so not to miss even one.

And no matter how many times they hear the story, they listen….they listen as if it was the first time they’ve ever heard it.

It’s human nature that when we become familiar with something, that we begin to take it for granted, inadvertently diminishing its value.  To coin the phrase, the “it” loses its luster.

We don’t plan this to happen it just does, however, it should never happen when reading the Bible, the Holy word of God.

How many times have I read the Bible with a “non-luster” approach?  I’m afraid to admit far too often.

  • I’ve read it when I was tired and my mind wandered.
  • I’ve read it in haste, trying to cram it in before I rushed off to do something.
  • I’ve read it absent mindedly.

and worst yet,

  • I’ve read it because “I’m suppose to.”

Needless to say none of these approaches are profitable….. nor pleasing to God.

But thanks to my little friends I have been reminded to approach God’s word as if I possessed the eyes of a child.  Eyes full of excitement, eagerness, and wonderment.

To be excited to turn the pages and earnestly desire to turn them back to re-examine all the little details.

And last but not least, to read it as if I was reading it for the first time….every time.

Just a thought


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