The Window

Pressing her face to the old windowpane
Viewing a world that was not hers to gain

Laughter and joy filled this world from inside
As a groom gave a toast to his newlywed bride

Eyes sparkled with love at each other’s sight
This was indeed their glorious night

Warmth and cheer filled the room all around
Outside, her feet froze, from the cold bitter ground

Ignoring the chill she continued her gaze
Watching the crowd as their hands became raised

A toast, to the couple to wish them a grand start
A hardy cheer followed straight from their hearts

Her tattered hands pressed against the cold windowpane
Amen, she whispered, as it started to rain

Rain streaks ran and clouded her view
She lowered her head and slowly withdrew

Perhaps she thought, then quickly dismissed
A wedding for me is all but a wish

She wrapped her ragged, old coat closely tight
As she endured the cold bitter night

The warmth of the vision through the old windowpane
Lighten her travels through the freezing rain

Last night, I saw, a great singing choir
Lifting their voices to heaven or higher

Tonight a wedding, full of love and great joy
Three nights ago a baptism, of a small little boy

I’ve seen groups of people huddled in close
Praying to God their heavenly Host

The wind whipped around her and cut like a knife
This bone chilling weather, caused her great strife

Rounding the corner, fighting the wind
She spotted a box and quickly went in

Nothing of this world, she had to her name
Except, the visions through the old windowpane

Shivering she sat, then finally gave sleep
Till a rap on the box woke her, her heart gave a leap

She peaked through the crack and saw a lone figure
Studying him hard, he seem, sort of familiar

Miss, she heard, as his voice ushered sound
I hope you don’t mind, I followed you through town

My name is Thomas, I pastor a church
Finding you here has ended my search

She opened the flap, and then it all came
I’ve seen him through, the old windowpane

We have a warm room and a hot plate of food
If you’d do us the honor and join our small brood

He offered his hand as she crawled from the box
And together they strode up ten city blocks

The weather still bitter and the wind seemed increase
But it didn’t matter, not in the least

She was lead to church steps, they shone in the rain
The steps beside, the old windowpane

He opened the door and beckoned her in
A sigh of relief and she revealed a small grin

She walked through the doors and down the great hall
Hearing the music from the grand wedding ball

A warm room waited and a meal prepared to
Her head was spinning, can it really be true?

New clothes laid out and a hair brush in view
And in a few moments she began to feel new

The faces surrounding her were not at all strange
For she had known them, through the old windowpane

I’ve seen you huddled in-groups of prayer
They answered her, yes; you were why we were there

We’ve prayed for you long and searched for you far
But always you’d gone, hidden under the stars

A small hand clasped hers, which diverted her eyes
To find the young boy she had witnessed baptized

So glad that you’re here, came his small little voice
She lowered her head, as her eyes became moist

I don’t understand, came her humble reply
The Lord saw your need; He would not pass you by

A home for you here as long as you need
Thank you, she said, recognizing the Lord’s deed

She began to ponder these words that were said
As she laid in warmth, on a newly gained bed

A world she thought she would never gain
Thank God, two views, through the old windowpane

By Donna Jefferys


3 thoughts on “The Window

  1. Donna, this poem is beautiful, and helps me to persevere in living Christ out loud. You never know who’s watching and thinking about ‘coming in’ from the darkness! Thanks for the uplift!


    • Thanks Jaime for your kind words. I’m glad that the poem left a inprint. I think we all need to persevere in remembering that there are many that are searching.


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