A Rose is a rose…or is it?

250px-bridal_pink_-_morwell_rose_garden2So what’s in the box?!

With eager excitement I reached for the scissors, cut through the seals, and pulled back the flaps to see the “goodies” inside.

To my astonishment, there was not one, but two dozen multi colored, long stemmed roses.

This began the happy drill of cutting, arranging, and placing them in a vase of water.  When finished, I proudly displayed them in a predominant area and patiently waited for the buds to open.

Soon the room’s warmth began to work its magic and most of the tiny buds began to unfold, releasing the fragrance which had been tightly locked inside.

Before long, a beautiful bouquet was in full bloom and its aroma filled the entire room.

If only the story ended there, but sadly it does not.

Some of the rosebuds did not open; instead they dropped their heads, wilted, and died.  Never to unveil their beauty or release the sweet fragrance that was stored inside.

Then that quirky thing in me went off,  you know that thing that makes your head tilt to the left, furrow the brow, and bite your bottom lip.  No?   Well I told you that it was “my” quirky thing.   Anyway I couldn’t help but make an analogy.

Oh noooooo….not that!

So humor me, perhaps you would agree that a flower possess two expressions of beauty, an outward, being its petals, and an inward, being its fragrance.

Though its outward beauty is truly marvelous, it isn’t until its inward beauty is released that you are drawn in close.  And have you noticed that the stronger its sweetness of fragrance is, the longer you linger to enjoy it?

So as I looked at my beautiful bouquet it occurred to me that the flowers that never opened or released the sweet fragrance that was store inside, wilted, and died much quicker.

This unfortunately caused them to be cast into the bin without ever truly being enjoyed as they were created to be.

We aren’t too much different than our flowered friends.

Locked inside all of us, is a sweet smelling fragrance yearning to be released, but can’t if we are not willing to “bloom.”

Life situations play a major part in how much we are going to bloom,  but those situations do not need to spoil us on the vine or stagnate our growth.

Unlike our flowered friends, we can make choices.

We can choose to let negative circumstance close and cut us off, settling for a un-fragranced life, or we can choose to be over-comers and bloom, leaving a sweet fragrance on those who draw near.

Bloom or wilt?  Which will it be?



6 thoughts on “A Rose is a rose…or is it?

  1. Flowers! Guess their just like people….some bloom and reach their potential and others, well we hold out hope for the others. Good story!



  2. Mom, its neat to read this, its wonderful. It is kind of like when Jesus would tell stories in analogies or metaphors. You seem to have that gift, and you share it very well. You taught/told us (your children) stories like this, and it has helped me out a lot. Thanks mom!


  3. Donna you said this so well because you are like the rose who brings a sweet fragrence to others. Thanks for sharing with this bud!


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