The Comfort in the Storm

This post is for all who are facing tremendous storms in their life and I hope that as I share my heart that you will find encouragement as you journey through the difficult time that you may be facing.

I too have faced the raging storm and I stand in praise of a God who saw me through.

I have journeyed through dark shadows and deep waters, where emotions of pain, emptiness, and despondency reside.  I have crossed through valleys full of glass which have cut my soul so deep that no one could hear my silent screams of torment.  And I have felt the long icy arms of despair.

But through it all there was a glimmer of light and threads of hope…for I was not alone.

Comfort In the Storm

I was caught up in a tumultuous tide
My soul in pain to its core deep inside
Fear gripped my heart; I struggled to save
But felt each blow from the pounding wave

Tossed about on this tempest of pain
How can this be? What can I gain?
Tears fall around me, I fear to drown
My feet search desperately for firm solid ground

How did I get here, in this dreadful dark space?
Where pillars of silence stand firmly in place
Pulled into its rip, this current beckoned me
My strength giving way! God’s mercy I plead!

Plunged into darkness, I felt all alone
What’s this I see? A Presence…gloriously shone!
I AM here my child; I heard your cry
Come rest in Me where comfort abides

You struggle and toil; your anguish is great
You are blind with fear, an uneasy state
You feel caught in a vacuum of misery and pain
And you’ve asked the question, what can I gain?

It is in your turmoil, your helpless state
That I will show you, that My love is great
Yield and surrender give all unto Me
And I promise deliverance, rest assuredly

Though these afflictions seem a terrible snare
I will not allow more then you’re able to bear
You will be stronger, and closer to Me
When this season’s over, and becomes complete

Unless you encounter what this time calls for
You will not experience the blessings I have in store
I know it’s hard; the journey seems great
But it’s a time that requires living by faith

Every step that you take on each weary day
Remember, I will not forsake you, I AM here to stay
My undying love, and mercy abides
Come now my child, and take rest inside

Ease enveloped my soul, as He tenderly spoke
I yielded and surrendered, then I became broke
Comfort rushed towards me as I entered His embrace
My eyes became fixed on His glorious face

Though the tempest continues its terrible rage
I will not divert my eyes from the Lords steady gaze
Do not fear my child, He whispered closely to my ear
I AM with you, and He gently wiped away my tears

By Donna Jefferys

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