Special People

42-15200509Special people do special things
As if they possess angel’s wings

Love and kindness their steady friend
Proving always to have no end

Their hands of mercy embrace your heart
They mend the whole and not the part

Always there to help you through
Never tiring in loving you

Special people, empowered from above
Just an extension of God’s precious love

He sends them your way, when you need them most
Delivering His message, and they never boast

So when you are blessed with their kindly deeds
Remember its God taking care of your needs

His love for you goes beyond the church steeple
Expressed on earth through special people

By Donna Jefferys


3 thoughts on “Special People

  1. Donna, I always enjoy reading your posts! “Special People” makes me think about Deuteronomy 7:6. I agree about God’s plan for the church beyond the steeple!



  2. Appreciated the content of your verse. The word special has been tossed about so much that it has lost much of it’s meaning. You use of it here helps to restore some perspective to it’s original meaning. Caring people are unique, thoughful and compassionate and spirit empowered…not a package that you find much these days. Guess that’s why they deserve the moniker “special”>


  3. Hello, Ma Mere

    Wonderful writing, its amazing to read all the things that come out of your head. You know i already have an amazement for your writing.

    your kid (#1)


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