The Beautiful Bug

thumbnailcayx49w33Lurking on the underside of a leaf was one of the most beautiful bugs I have ever seen. Instantly captivated by its brilliant color, I drew in for a closer look.

Slowly moving across the leaf was a small, brightly colored, yellow fuzzy bug with three unusual feather like spines poking out of it.  How fascinating.

After spending a small amount of time observing this creature, I relinquished the leaf, and anxiously headed back to the house to investigate what type of insect “Mr. Fuzzy yellow bug” was.  However, once inside, the duties of housework and child care distracted me from my task.  It wasn’t long before I completely forgot about the beautiful little bug, that is, until I revisited my garden two days later.

As I journeyed toward the vegetable patch, I began to notice a visible change pertaining to the row of snap beans. The once full and vibrant bushes were now sporting lacy leaves and appeared extremely stressed.

What in the world happened?! All was fine just a couple of days ago.   Then a bright yellow spot caught my attention.

Crouching down, I was quickly reintroduced to Mr. Fuzzy yellow bug who had now invited his entire clan to a bean smorgasbord. Not just any beans, MY beans!

How could such a beautiful, innocent looking little bug be such a devastating, devouring machine with an appetite that appeared to have no bounds?! Beautiful or not he and his relatives had to go if there was going to be any chance of restoring the plant to produce fruit.

Needless to say, the next visit I made to the garden resembled “The Terminator.”  Lazer piercing eyes, pounding walk and heavily packed with an arsenol of pesticides, I was locked and loaded, and didn’t hesititate to deploy.   Hasta la vista, baby!

As beautiful as Mr. Fuzzy yellow bug was, he wreaked havoc in the garden. If I would have disposed of the little darling at first sight, I could have prevented the damage that occurred. Although the bean plants recovered, their fruit had been stunted and did not obtain their full potential.

Cultivating our spiritual life is not much different then tending to a garden. Daily care is required to promote and maintain healthy growth.

Sin, like the devouring Mr. Fuzzy yellow bug, can also be beautiful, but its effects slowly devour us from the inside out.  Stunting our spiritual growth, distracting us from our proper course, and if left unchecked will rob us of our full potential.

Weeds and bugs are always going to invade gardens, just as sin will continue to present a constant challenge to our lives. Developing an attitude much like “The Terminator” in ridding ourselves of it can only lead to a full and productive life.

A daily investment of time grounded in God’s word, is not only necessary in guarding against sin, but can help identify and prevent an infestation from taking root.  This will make it possible to present a fruit that is not stunted or deformed, but rather pleasing in His sight.

Beware of the Mr. Fuzzy yellow bugs they are a pretty nasty little critter no matter where they lurk.



3 thoughts on “The Beautiful Bug

  1. Absolutely beautiful and a good reminder to be on guard – not everything that looks pleasing is pleasing but rather a stumbling block in our walk with the Lord.


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