The Warrior

armorheaderHis feet stand firm on crusted ground
Eyes alert, ears poised for sound
The smoke of battle begins to rise
Clouding his vision, stinging his eyes

A battle he faces on each new day
Before he engages, bends his knees to pray
God grant me power to fight an unseen foe
And with Your sword, I will strike the blow

You are my righteousness and my shield
And to no other, will I yield
My sword is Your word, which is unfailing
It sends my enemies with bitter wailing

My shield of faith, firm in my hand
With it before me I will stand
My helmet, forged with eternal salvation
Protects my mind, from deviation

Breastplate of righteousness, waist girded in truths
The gospel of peace, outfitting my shoes
I have all that I need, to vanquish my foes
Where You lead me now, boldly I’ll go

My strength gathered, by Your power and might
Will serve me continually day and night
My armor crafted by Your grace and volition
Gives me strength as I approach my mission

He arose refreshed, a fullness of heart
Now well equipped for the battle to start
A thunderous sound echoed across the earth’s chasm
As hordes of enemies came upon him by fathoms

Wielding his sword, thrusting his shield!
Gaining ground, as his tormentor’s yield
Ten thousand may rise, ten thousands shall fall!
Echoed his voice with a mighty call

A few more clashes, then quiet was found
A sword to its’ sheath echoed its’ sound
Peace fell around him, the battle was done
A voice whispered softly, well done my brave son

A triumph delivered into his hand
As the smoke cleared, you could see him stand
Unsheathing his sword, upraised in praise
Thank you Lord for this victory today

He returned to his knee and bowed his head low
And praises of worship began to flow
This victory is Yours and so shall it be
For You are the essence, that sustains all of me

By Donna Jefferys

  • Armored. (

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