The Grand Design


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The Grand Design

God began a grand design
We call it creation, the beginning of time

Carefully He spoke this world into place
And this, no doubt, brought a smile to God’s face

Not quite finished, His echoing thought
And once again busy He got

Speaking this time, would not quite do
God wanted more in the making of you

So with His hands He began to mold
Something He held more precious then gold

When He was done, His creation still fresh
God breathed life in, with His life giving breath

Man’s eyes opened and his chest gave a heave
Then God rested and was now well pleased

They began to fellowship, God and man
Walking through the garden hand and hand

“All that’s before you, I give to you now”
And man gave God a humbling bow

“I’ve beheld all things, they’re wonderful, I see
But God, there isn’t anyone for me”

So God caused man to enter a deep sleep
And created for him, a helpmeet

She was wonderful, marvelous and beautiful too
Then man was commissioned with something to do

“Teach her right and tell her My ways
And you’ll be blessed all of your days”

And so man instructed and thoroughly taught
But the days up ahead would reveal he had not

She was deceived by that crafty, liar of old
And bought his story as if it were gold

She shared with the man, this liar’s tale
He believed it to, and quickly he fell

Sin entered in and man had to flee
For God, the Almighty, is Holy

Sin indeed drove a deep ugly wedge
God had to punish, but before He pledged

“I will not forsake you,” they could hear Him say
Then God sadly sent them, on their way

Years had come and eons past by
Until a bright star, beamed in the sky

In a lowly manger, the Angels said
Was the incarnation of God’s promised pledge

A bridge to cover, to affix the deep rift
Salvation had come, it was God’s precious gift

His Son so perfect in every way
Given for man, for a debt, man should pay

God loved His Son, and They loved the man
Now came the unveiling, of God’s marvelous plan

In strength and wisdom, God’s Son quickly grew
Preparing a way, just for you

His love was expressed in many ways
This was the world’s most brightest days

Love and mercy, forgiveness of sin
All this was given to the kindred of men

Hope had been given to a world that was lost
As His mission completed on an old wooden cross

I gave my beloved Son for you all
And now my dear children, will you answer the call ?

Restoration was given, Atonement was sent
And what’s left to man is his will to repent

Man had fallen in his earliest days
God kept His promise and made a way

It was there at creation, the beginning of time
Nails, thorns and cross, the Grand Design

By Donna Jefferys 

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6 thoughts on “The Grand Design

  1. Wow! How humble should we all feel. We are the reason Jesus gave His Life. God sent His son, giving us a choice, and even though He knew some of us still wouldn’t repent He says Its worth it.


  2. This poem touched my heart. It made me feel closer to our Lord. The picture is wonderful, and the poem was well written. I hope that everyone enjoys it as much as I did.


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