The Road

He walked astrayed, with a fallen head

Dragging his feet, so worn they…. bled

His weary body ached, and he groaned

Muscles fatigued, his voice only….moaned


The road he traveled, was rough and steep

Filled with peril, and distressing grief

He questioned how his journey had changed

For at the beginning, it was pleasantly….arranged


At first it appeared, to be a street full of pleasure

With miles stretching out, with excitement and treasure!

Fun fulfilled around each paved turn

Here is the road, he had laughed, I deserve!


How eager he was, to continue his pace

It’s pleasures he had sought, and did embrace

But now his journey, took a twisted turn

The pavement grew hot, his feet became…. burned


This however did not serve to his gain

He continued his journey, in spite of the pain

Convinced himself, that they lie ahead

All the earlier treasures, in which he had fed


The sad fact is, they surely do not

But now he was hooked, and dreadfully….caught

Unknown to him, that which lie ahead

Is something that is a terrible dread


The road that was once, attractive and smooth

Became full of deep jagged grooves

Pitfalls and danger were evident to see

But this sojourner adamantly, refused to believe


So sad is his journey, his misery walk

Stopping he considers, but continued to balk

So onward he crawls with aimless compulsion

On the road which is named….Destination Destruction


Man has been warned, about this wide road

Do not believe, that you’re above being goad

It beckons to you and comes unashamed

Calling and coaxing as it whispers your….name


Heed those wise words, ” take not earthen pleasure”

Store up for yourself a heavenly….treasure

For unless you gird and strengthen your soul

You too may join him, on this famous old road

By Donna Jefferys


5 thoughts on “The Road

  1. I feel that many in our nation are running down the road to destruction, with only the treasures you mention on their mind. It is only later that their eyes will be opened to the truth that they have chased a mirage into a vast desert of despair. We are the ones who have the living water that they have sought all their lives.


  2. Matthew 7:13-14

    Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

    There is good news for the one who finds himself on the wrong road in life. God offers detours along the way which if taken, can lead you back into the right direction. God won’t force you off the road, but He will give you opportunities to do a u-turn.


  3. ……its so sad, and so true…. If you think about those two roads. One wide and smooth, the other narrow and twisted. You would automatically fall under the temptation to choose the wider one, but having wisdom you would know the narrow leads to life, while the wider road leads to death. Its just like Satan, to deceive using beauty and ease… And its too late to realize what you’ve chosen when the beauty ends.


  4. All I could think was “Healing Rain” was not sought. If only all would reach out their hand, but better yet, run into the rain and find the rest that awaits for the torment of their soul. Our God is so good and just waiting to embrace us.


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