The Whisper

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when everything seemed chaotic and out of sorts?  That the “noise” of the situation was perpetual static and your search for the off button was in vain? Perhaps you are just a “whisper” away from relief.


The Whisper

Amongst the clamor and endless drone

Through the deafening noise that arose

All chaos spun, in circles round

I covered my ears, in hopes to drown

This stifling clang, which pierced my mind

Caused me to curse, the marking of time

Dizziness came, and began to play

I stumbled from, its sickening sway

Just as I, was about to fall

I heard a slight whisper, begin to call

It called through the clamor, and deafening clang

It called through the chaos, and the loud bangs

It soared through the noise, with piercing ease

And when I perceived it, I fell to my knees

Its message was clear, and tenderly place

Tears of relief, streamed down my face

Assurance of love, and comfort restored

Peace enveloped me, I need nothing more

All had been silenced, calm had been tilled

Then it whispered again, “Peace be still

By Donna Jefferys


9 thoughts on “The Whisper

  1. Oh, I so needed to hear this today. The clamor of circumstances are deafening at times and I forget there is peace if I just listen to His whisper. Thank you, again, Donna, for your all so inspiring words. Love you!


    • Theresa, noises in life will always be with us but it’s always comforting to know that God controls the volume with the slightest of whispers. And in turn, it only take a whisper from us for Him to respond. Lifting you in prayer my friend.


  2. I can hear our Father in Heaven saying peace. I can picture sitting with Him resting knowing that He and He alone will bring order out of the chaos and His order is better than any I could plan.


  3. Once again your words touch my heart dear cousin! I am reminded of the words of Christ in Mark 4:39. Christ simply said, “Hush, be still.” When the chaos of life is about to overwhelm me I remember these words and peace is restored! For His Glory, Phyllis


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