The Bended Knee

Shining_lightPsalm 25:1: Unto thee, O LORD, do I lift up my soul.

1Peter 3:12a: For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer.

I have discovered throughout my years as a Christ follower, that prayer is the most powerful resource that I possess.  It is a true gift from God that permits me to enter into His presence and place my request, no matter how small or large before Him.

The realization that He desires to “engage” humbles me beyond my comprehension and I stand in awe that the Creator of the universe cares to take a personal interest in every facet of my life.  I simply need to ask, and He will answer according to His will.

For me, I have learned that prayer is:

  • my personal invitation to God to participate in my life’s journey
  • directly reflects my level of faith and trust in Him
  • reveals my willingness to yield to His will
  • acknowledges my humility (I can’t do it alone)
  • taps into the most powerful resource available to me…God.

“For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous”

“His ears are attentive to their prayer”

A reassuring promise that instills peace and comfort even through times that offer none.

I offer a small, but heart felt tribute that reflects my sincere honesty to prayer.  May you enjoy “The Bended Knee.


The Bended Knee

When storms of life visit, and winds carry me away

I have found that there is one thing, that sustains me through the day

No more the wringing of my hands, or gripping of a chair

My face does not furrow, or wretch with deep despair

Sleepless nights are in the past, when I allow my spirit to be free

All this is when I learned, the power of the bended knee

I have no need for cathedrals, or majestic stained glass towers

For where I go so frequently is open at any hour

A secret that I learned, so many years ago

Brought me to this place of rest, when life treated me so cold

The comfort I was searching for, has finally come to me

For I have learned the peaceful power, of the simple bended knee

It’s not the act of bending, nor is the power in the knee

But it’s whom I yield my hurts to, the One who died for me

Perhaps you have heard his name, it is pleasant to the ear

Such a precious name… Jesus… and I hold it very dear

And now I shared my secret, for it isn’t just for me

He eagerly is waiting, at the simple bended knee

By Donna Jefferys


4 thoughts on “The Bended Knee

  1. mom, i think this is my favorite poem yet. For we both know how recently the power of prayer has been in my life.

    How much there is for me to yield and trust. Trust is my biggest issue, and its in the un-known, the yielding of my heart, that i learn and hear the most from God. Thank you.


  2. Good message! I had a little fun using some of your words. Let me see if I got it?

    Prayer is a P-ersonal R-elationship, A-sking, Y-ielding, E-veryday, R-epeat! Who can live without it?

    It’s a P-romise, a R-equest A-nd Y-ou E-ngaged with the R-edeemer! Thanks for making me think.

    I love prayer. Jesus P-aid for me, R-emembers me, A-noints me. I Y-ield to him, E-njoy his presence, R-ejoice always!

    Wow, that was fun! I even got to pray with a friend who just told me her grandson was born with Down Syndrome.

    So I,

    P-raised God for this blessing! R-emembered what it was like when they told us the news. A- little child we named Hannah. Y-es, she has Down Syndrome too! E-veryone should know that God did not make a mistake! R-emember to congratulate them, he’s a child for heaven’s sake!


  3. Hey Donna, you got it right! The power is not in the bent knee, but in Jesus.

    Have you heard that song that says “I don’t know how, but there’s power when I’m on my knees”
    I always think that line is silly when I hear it. The bent knee shows submission, but the power is in Jesus; not in anything we do.


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