A Woven Thread

Image: art needlework morris design detail

Recently I was cleaning out my closet and came across an old needlework project that I have been working on for a very long time.

As I pulled it out, I began to unfold the tightly meshed material, and as each fold was laid straight, the underside of the project became exposed. Needless to say, I was instantly taken back by its unsightly messiness.

What now laid upon my lap was a chaotic mess with an array of colorful threads, knotted, twisted, and running crisscrossed in every direction.

As I looked at its face value, the threads made no rhyme or reason, let alone resembling anything worthy to frame.  They were unruly, disorganized, and quite unattractive.

I thought to myself, “oh my, what a piece of junk!” but as I slowly turned it over, I was more than pleasantly surprised to see, in striking contrast, the image of a beautiful swan gracing calm and peaceful waters.  “Oh my, what a treasure!”

As I continued to look at the needlework, flipping it from side to side,  I couldn’t help but make a comparison that life is a lot like a tapestry. Circumstances and situations arise throughout our lives which create knots, twist, and often times chaos and mess.  Leaving to us to ask questions such as….”why?” and “what good can come out of this?”

These circumstances and situations served as life’s underside, and like the underside of a needlework project, they create what we perceive as a chaos.  Offering no rhyme or reason, just mess. However, if we choose to allow God to lead us through these circumstances and situations (to flip it) then they can become the very agents that creates beauty in our character. Turning our junk into treasure, and giving God a free hand to create a masterpiece of our life.

Who would have thought that cleaning out my closet would have provided a spiritual journey, let alone the foundation for a poem, but it did.

If you feel like you are presently facing situations that have caused you to focus on the “underside” of life, may you find encouragement as you read “A Woven Thread.

A Woven Thread

Life starts out simple, carefree and new
Crawling, then walking, soon running is fun to do

Enjoying the hurdles, the bumps, and the swing
Feeling that we can do, most anything

The thread of our life, straight and smooth
We begin to settle, in a comfortable groove

But life changes, challenges comes our way
Making even, the brightest day gray

The thread of our lives, begins to be twisted
Knots and loops form, that never existed

We question this path, our road with sharp turns
Not realizing, each bend designs a pattern

How uninteresting a smooth straight thread can be
Till the hands of the Master, begins to weave

And weave He must with sunshine and rain
The intricate pattern serves to our gain

As life progresses, the patterns revealed
A marvelous wonder, brought about by His will

Threads of our lives, though knotted and twisted
Brings beauty and glory, which never existed

A new perspective, on life’s trials to see
As He delicately, creates a masterpiece

By Donna Jefferys 


4 thoughts on “A Woven Thread

  1. Just what I need to focus on the fact that our Lord does all things well. Even when we cannot trace where He is going with the threads in our lives, we can rest assured that He is weaving a Masterpiece. I love the poem!


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