Whose Vision is it?

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Spiritual Convictions

My friend, who had paused briefly in front of my desk, was struggling to focus her vision on the text of a large report.

As she began to play the “adjustment game,” I mischievously offered her my glasses for assistance. Thanking me, she placed them on her face which instantly produced a squint, the exclamation “whoa!” and a prompt return.

I chuckled and playfully asked, “What, they didn’t help??”  Smilingly she shook her head, and went digging in her purse for her readers.

So why do you suppose my glasses didn’t work for her?  It’s not a trick question; they simply didn’t work because the prescription is specifically tailored for my eyes.

Like several million other people, I suffer from a condition called Myopia, a technical term for near sightedness.

I was ten when this condition was detected and though my parents had observed a change in my vision, squinting etc., they could not fix it.  Instead they did the next best thing.  They took me to a professionally trained specialist who performed an eye evaluation and prescribe the exact prescription needed to correct to my vision.  From then on, I joined the ranks of millions who set out on a annual trek to obtain a fairly simple vision test and acquire a new prescription if needed.

The Need and the Remedy

This simple process to correct poor vision requires only a few basic steps which surprisingly do not involve a huge staff of people.  In fact, ultimately it occurs between the one who has the need and the one who can offer the remedy.

  • First, it requires recognition on the part of the person who has a need for it.
  • Second, a desired appointment needs to be made.
  • Third, an evaluation from a trained expert needs to be performed.
  • Fourth, a prescription is prescribed.
  • Fifth, the prescription is submitted for processing.
  • Sixth, the corrective wear is applied.

These may be basic steps, but each one of them is necessary in order for a person to obtain clarity of vision.

It’s Analogy Time!

Similarly, I feel that a person’s “spiritual convictions” are just as unique as a persons physical vision.  They are solely owned with a Governor of one.

We need to be reminded that;

  • Everyone who comes to the foot of the cross are drawn, but drawn out of what?
  • We all diversely arrive and with different “baggage.”   Some come young, some old, some in peace, and some in conflict.
  • Some will have to overcome little, while others may have to overcome much which makes spiritual “convictions”  vary in each individual.

With these thoughts in mind it creates a foundation that our spiritual journey has a unique “vision field” that can only be adequately evaluated by the specialist, the Holy Spirit.

John 16: 8 “He will convict…”

John 14:26 “He will teach ….”

John 16:13 “He will guide…”

It is only with the Holy Spirit’s leading that our “spiritual vision” gains clarity. His prescription for growth is specifically tailored for each of us and the steps in the process may be very similar to the ones that are acquired for a visual exam.

  • First, recognize the need to change.
  • Second, desire to make that change.
  • Third, seek through prayer how to change.
  • Fourth, Be open to receive correction by the Holy Spirit.
  • Fifth, accept the ways that are needed to make the change.
  • Sixth, apply the changes.

As we continue on our own spiritual walk, may we be reminded that all of us are unique with individual luggage filled with different “items” to overcome.

We cannot evaluate what item should be next in line for correction in others lives anymore then my parents could evaluate the condition of my physical vision.

What we may think is a “big deal” in others lives, may not be so with God. Perhaps there is a bigger issue in that person’s life that God is working on rather than the ones we tend to focus on.

The capacity to see inside a person’s life and evaluate which “item” is important for correction is only possessed by God.

My mischievous attempt to aid my friend in correcting her “vision challenge” fell short.  In fact it most likely created additional distortion.

In order to not make that same mistake, with someone’s spiritual development, would be to follow my parent’s example and take that person in prayer to the Great Physician and leave the “fine tuning” to the specialist….. the Holy Spirit.

Just a thought



4 thoughts on “Whose Vision is it?

  1. in the end it is not up to us to judge as we so often do, which we feel enable’s us to “pick” those things out of individuals. It reminds me of the bible verse where Jesus speaks about the beam in our eye, and to stop worrying about the spike in anothers.

    Well said and written. Its nice to read this to help keep me in check, and to put it in a way ill remember.


  2. I liked the way you wrote: “As we continue on our own ‘spiritual walk’ may we be reminded that all of us are unique with individual luggage filled with different “items” to overcome.” And your parents example is right on! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Nice analogy. And, just like with bifocals, God’s means of fine tuning our development may change as we get older and more mature.


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