Faithful Through


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Recently I have had several friends undergo severe trials, or storms as I call them. Some of them are dealing with lost.  Lost of a loved one, an infant, a mother, a father. Some are struggling to make ends meet, desperately needing financial aid or a job. Some are managing health issues, disease, cancer, their mortality. And Some are weary, wrestling with depression, and growing faint.

Though all are experiencing great calamity and probably feel very alone, they are not.  They all are under the watchful eyes of a loving God. A God that knows exactly what they are enduring.  A God that grieves along with them and encourages them to “press on.”

God proves to be the rainbow in the storm and promises to never leave or forsake us.  Especially in our darkest hours of need. He is faithful through…it all.

I can not answer the million dollar question, “why do hard things happen to those who love God?” But through my own experiences I can answer that He is present in the midst of the storm and He will carry you through.

It is up to us to believe, cleave and look for Him even when the clouds of the storm blurs our vision. If we do, we will emerge with:

  • increased sensitivity to those who suffer
  • be able to help them through their storms
  • be stronger in facing adversity
  • possess greater wisdom
  • have a closer relationship with God
  • increased faith
  • and possess a belief in God that knows that He is real

We can do all things, for He strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)

Below you will find the lyrics to a song that I have written.   I apologize for not being able to share the tune with you.  Perhaps God will give you a melody to accompany the words and if He does, may it become your personal song  in times of need.

May these lyrics serve to bring a reassurance that He’s faithful through….anything.

Faithful Through


He’s faithful through the troubled storm

His light shines bright even more and more

Though troubles never cease my friend

His love will carry you to the end


My Redeemer is faithful and true

His eyes are constantly fixed on you

My Redeemer will never change

He tenderly calls you by name

Verse 2

Winds will blow and the earth will shake

Trials will come and your heart will break

But His constant light and love

Will lift your soul far above


My Redeemer is faithful and true

His eyes are constantly fixed on you

My Redeemer will never change

He tenderly calls you by name


Your tattered dreams and valley stroll

Creates in you a hunger to know

That His undying love won’t cease

He offers you His mercy and peace

He offers you…….. His mercy and peace


My Redeemer faithful and true

His eyes constantly fixed on you

My Redeemer never change

He tenderly calls…….you…… by name

By Donna Jefferys


2 thoughts on “Faithful Through

  1. Hi cousin Donna! I loved this new entry! Many times in my Christian walk I’ve wondered “WHY?” I must always move on from that question and simply rest in the “WHO” that has all things in His mighty control and will do all that will bring Glory to His name!! There is a saying that I love to share with others: ” Sometimes He calms the storm: sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child!” We must always run back to Christ, our Anchor, our Rest in the time of storm! For His Glory, Phyllis


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