No More Tears

imagesOne of my favorite books in the Bible, if not my favorite, is the book of Revelations.

Just as the book of Genesis is the book of beginnings, Revelations is the book of consummation, meaning, completion or as the dictionary records, fulfillment, perfection.

It is in Revelations where we find the fruition of the divine program of redemption and the Holy name of God is vindicated before all of creation.

“Revelation” (translated from the greek word, Apocalypsis), means “unveiling or disclosure,” therefore making the book the unveiling of the character and program of God.

Though it is a book pertaining to the final judgment of God being poured out upon the earth (Rev Chapters 6-18), it is also a book full of promises pertaining to the triumph of Christ over all who rise up against Him and His saints.  Those promises (to mention a few) are:

  • His return in power to judge over his enemies and to reign as the Lord over all (Rev. 19:11-18)
  • The beast and false prophet cast into a lake of fire (Rev. 19:19-20)
  • Satan bound and cast into a bottomless pit for one thousand years (Rev. 20:1-3)
  • Martyred saints to live and reign with Christ for thousand years (Rev. 20:4)
  • Satan cast into the lake of fire with the beast and false prophet (Rev. 20:10)
  • Christ to rule forever over the heavenly city (New Jerusalem) in the presence of all who know Him (Rev. Chapter 21-22)
  • New universe is created, unspoiled by sin, death, pain or sorrow. (Rev. Chapter 21-22:5)

Like I said, just to mention a few.

But the one I want to focus on is the last promise,  in particular Revelation 21:4.

“And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, no sorrow, nor crying and there shall be no more pain…”

Christian song writer and singer, Jeremy Camp, has captured this promise in a song titled “There Will Be a Day.”  It is a devotion to the promise of Revelation 21:4 and serves as a present day reminder that there will be a day when there is no more tears.

This song, coupled with the promise from my Christ, stirs my spirit to praise.  May you be encouraged…



2 thoughts on “No More Tears

  1. The book of Revelation has at times fascinated me and made me in awe of the Jesus portrayed therein. It is the book of Revelation but the whole Bible is a “book of revelations” in that it helps us take a long hard look at our lives in light of its content. That is an uncomfortable but necessary component to the Christian life. After all, I John 1:9 does say “If we confess our sins (present tense) he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness”. I’m glad that (like Kathy in commenting on this post) I can anticipate running into the savior’s arms when time “shall be no more”.


  2. I picture my first few moments in heaven as running into my Savior’s arms and just letting Him hold me.
    Letting his robe enfold me as if I am a little girl. Finally being free of the sorrows of this world. Home at last.
    The words to this song touche me right where I am, right now. I will come back often.
    Thanks for sharing.


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