There’s Something Adrift

Leafy Seadragon

Take a look at the picture what do you see?

A.  plant root

B.  seaweed

C.  fish

D.  aquarium plant


Did you select “A” a plant root?

Though I agree that the image does look a lot like the root of a tubular plant, the answer is incorrect.

Perhaps you chose “D” a tropical houseplant? Close, but you need to take another guess.

A piece of seaweed, selection “B” nope.  The correct answer is “C”.

Let me introduce the Leafy Sea Dragon, a small fish belonging to the Syngnathidae family which include seahorses, pipefish, weedy and leafy sea dragons.

Leafy Sea Dragons   are found only in the western and southern coast of Australia, grow to about 8-10 inches, just slightly larger than its cousin the seahorse. They are characterized by their elongated snouts, fused jaws, lack of pelvic fins, and thick plates of bony armor covering their body. They are fairly slow but are able to control their movements with great precision, including hovering for extended periods of time.
Their leaf-like protrusion (lobes) serves as unique camouflage with the ability to change color to blend in with its environment.  This superb camouflage enables the Leafy Sea Dragon to move through the water as if it was a floating piece of seaweed, allowing it to easily capture its prey and elude predators.


Though the Leafy Sea Dragon is a cousin to the seahorse and share some similarities, there are a few notable differences between the two.  Outside of appearance, and their form of movement the Leafy Sea Dragon can not curl its tail to anchor itself.  Nor do they possess a ventral pouch to carry their eggs as do male seahorses.  Instead the male Leafy Sea Dragon carry their fertilized eggs on their tails.

“I wonder what else is out there that God has created that I have yet to discover?”

May you enjoy the video on the “Leafy Sea Dragon”.



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