In His Footsteps

Wrapped in a fuzzy flannel blanket, I sat on the window seat looking out at 36 inches of freshly fallen snow. The blizzard of the last two days had finally ceased and “normalcy” was beginning to return.

As I drank my coffee, the once lifeless streets of the last 48 hours began to come alive with activity.  One by one people began to emerge from their homes and with shovels in hand they began the laborious task of  clearing the huge mounds of snow that impeded their mobility.

I found interest watching them as they began to dig out.   Some focused on their cars while others labored around their doors.  One man waded out to his car, brushed off the top of it, and waded back to his home (I didn’t see him again for the rest of the day).  As for me, I slowly continued to sip my hot cup of coffee, putting off the inevitable as long as I could.

Then out of the corner of my eye something caught my attention.  It was a solitary figure walking down the middle of the street.  His movements were slow but steady as he waded through the thigh high snow and his presence seemed odd in comparison to the others who were far too busy to notice that he was there.

Never once did he falter in his steps as his legs broke through the highly drifted snow.  Never once did he stop and look back.

He steadily continued onward, determined to reach his destination, and before long he passed from sight only to leave behind a small path as evidence of his journey.

A short time later others emerged and embarked down the path that the solitary figure had carved.    Each one carefully following his footsteps so as not to fall.  Each one benefiting a much easier and less laborious walk in comparison to the one who had blazed it before them.

*   *   *   *

Much snow had fallen and a lot of ground had been covered.  Much snow needed to be removed and great amounts of labor was expended to clear individual driveways and parking spaces.

But it was the path, carved by the solitary figure that became the portal of mobility for our neighborhood. It was his single footsteps that served and benefited all who chose to walk in them.

Those frozen footprints and the memory of the solitary figure will forever be etched on my mind.  How I liken them as wonderful imagery of my Savior and the paths that he provides for me.

How trials can be much like a blizzard, dumping tons of snow, and leaving us stranded, and immobilized.  How Christ, the solitary figure, walks ahead, never faltering in His step while carving a way of escape.  Cutting a path, that if I choose to walk in His footsteps, is less laborious and easier to travel.

I am sure that the lone figure who struck out on a wintery mission that day isn’t aware that he left behind much more then snowy footprints.  Not only did he leave a beneficial path for others to use, he left me with a valuable image of a loving God.



5 thoughts on “In His Footsteps

  1. Good illustration of paying attention. I also like the vision of the man walking off into the distance, resembling the future. We don’t know what is out there, but we have confidence that he will be there. If they were just a neighbor’s foot prints from their house to the mailbox it would not have been the same. I think the Holy Spirit is active all around us, to amaze us, if we just pay attention. Thanks for sharing, it just resembles how big our God is…!!!


  2. I love that! God is good! So cool that God had you focus on Him in a unique way while others were so busy they never even noticed the figure that caught your eye or the insight that God gave you because you did! Makes me want to go look out my window…I’ll let you know!? 🙂


  3. You can’t go wrong walking in and following Christ’s footsteps. Jesus said “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. Some places I have been, I am very glad that He has been there before I have. Donna, I like your reference to a way of escape. I have needed a way of escape a few times and am glad one is always offered.


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