Chipping Away The Ice


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Last winter, you may recall a post title, “In His Footsteps,”  a thought inspired by the sight of a solitary figure moving steadily through deep drifts of snow.

This morning while overlooking an icy neighborhood, I once again found inspiration by winter’s effects, though not by the sight of a heavy snowfall but rather by the sound of chipping ice.

So as I was busy preparing my morning fuel, my attention was brought to the window by the sounds of a young man scraping the ice from his windshield.

As I watched him busily move around his car, scraping each window along the way, I became focused on his actions to remove the encasement of ice that prohibited him from his destination.

At first he approached his task with a light hand, but soon found that it was ineffective and quickly adjusted by applying the proper strength necessary to chip away the ice.   Once he discovered the proper force he then applied technique, and with the combination of the two, ice chips went flying.  Before long, his windows were clear and he was able to drive without impairment.

I couldn’t help but reflect on the sight without making a comparison between ice, its obstructions, and bitterness.  I couldn’t help but see how much they had in common, both cold, hard, somewhat invisible, restrictive, impairing, and destructive.

Bitterness, as we know, is a self destructive emotion that doesn’t profit any good, absolutely none.  Instead it provides a slippery path with no railings to steady yourself on and falling is imminent.  And though I could dedicate the rest of this post to emphasize the error in holding onto bitterness, I will reserve that for another time.  Instead I want to focus on chipping away at the icy claws that  bitterness instills around the heart of its beholder.

Applying Proper Strength is Necessary:  Honesty

Like the young man discovered, it too will take more than a light hand in getting rid of the emotional crippling seed of bitterness. It will take an honest self evaluation as to why you have elected to hold on to painful afflictions.  Reliving hurt over and over (which is what bitterness does) only pumps life into your injury, never allowing proper healing to take place.

Honesty is not for the faint in heart or the weak in spirit for it has a way of making you face your deepest fears and wounding pains.  If this step is not properly taken, and self honesty is abated, then the results of ever being freed from the shackles of bitterness is slim.

Coupled with Technique:  Forgiveness

As stated above, it is not easy to deal with past hurts and it takes bravery to face those things that have wounded you.  But once you have, you  have begun the chipping process in which you can now begin to clear away the fragments by forgiving those who have inflicted sorrow and pain.

It is in the power of forgiveness that clears away the cold, hard, impairing, and destructive encasement around our heart and mind.  When this process begins, then our mind, emotions, and spirit is cleared and we can move forward towards greater destinations then remaining parked in pain and anger.

Honesty and Forgiveness, the Ice-Scraper of Bitterness

So take time as the new year unfolds, unburden your heart, mind, and spirit by chipping away the ice of bitterness so that those things that you are dragging into the new year can be forever left behind.

Face them, forgive them and get excited as you experience the weight of freedom as the ice chips away and peace is no longer impaired.



3 thoughts on “Chipping Away The Ice

  1. Very well written. Bitterness is the ice we never can see unless the light reflects it right. I know I have had and struggle with bitterness and am doing my best to chip it away. It takes a lot of energy, but you see so much more clearly when its gone.


  2. Hi Margaret,

    Thanks for your honest comment and I appreciate your willingness to be transparent in sharing that sometimes you have to pray for even the desire to want to forgive those who have caused pain. Trust me, I can relate.

    Life sooner or later is going to bring on the ice, we just need to break out the ice-scraper of forgiveness and rid ourselves of it before it encases us.


  3. Beautifully said. Sometimes I think we don’t even recognize we ARE bitter – it’s only when we realize we’re still thinking about a thing that happened years ago that we realize it’s time to get out the “ice scraper.”

    I sometimes have to ask God to help me forgive, and even “help me to want to forgive” and for some things”help me to want to want to forgive.”


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