I Prescribe Encouragement

I recently read a post by my friend over at futureflyingsaucers.wordpress.com that served as a great reminder on where to place your focus when going through the storms in life. 

Her analogy was spot on and as I read the comments listed in response to her post, I was once again reminded of how much people are in need of encouragement.

Jesus said that we would have trouble but He also said that He will bring us through it.

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace.  In the world you will have trouble, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” John 17:33

I am like everyone else, if given the choice to avoid trouble I will take it.  However, almost 99.9 percent of the trouble that I’ve experienced in my life has not offered me the choice.  It comes and I have no choice but to deal with it.  Not fair right?

A couple of years ago, I was in one of the biggest storms of my life.  It was a dark time.  It was scary and painful. I had to learn to function from one minute to the next because quite frankly I couldn’t see tomorrow.  And… I thought it would NEVER end.  BUT…it did and I came through it.  I was a bit scorched, but like the Phoenix rises from the ashes, so did I.

I’ve often been asked what was the source that I tapped into that helped me through my trial.  My answer was and continues to be plain and simple. My relationship with Christ.  No pills, no vengeance, no alcohol, no self pity.  Just prayer and the word of God.

In that time of trouble, through that storm of pain, despair, and despondency I experienced the peace that Christ spoke of.  Not that I didn’t feel the hurt associated with the trouble of the storm, but rather that I had the security in knowing that I did not walk through it alone.  The security in knowing that the adversity had its season.  The security in knowing that if I allowed God to lead me through it I would prevail and emerge stronger and wiser with faith increased.

There is a particular scripture that I rest in especially during trials.  It is Psalm 91.  If you are going through a difficult time, I encourage you to read this Psalm.  Rest in it. Trust in it.  Know that the Lord is your refuge and your fortress.

I believe that we all need encouragement from time to time, but especially during the worst of times.  Some of us are good at hiding our emotions and, for that, we may not be aware of those that are hurting around us.  Reach out and encourage someone. Sometimes just a simple little edification will lift a person’s spirit and make their day just a little light, a little brighter.  Encouragement, it’s good medicine.

Before I close, I have one more thing that I want to leave with you for encouragement.  It was the birth of two poems that I believe God inspired me to write.  They came while I was in the fire, the raging storm, the trial that I thought would never end.  With that being said, they are not mine to hold solely for myself.  Once you read them, you’ll no doubt see how Psalm 91 was a source of inspiration.

If you are in need of encouragement and would like prayer please feel free to ask.  I would be honored to pray for you.  If you have a particular scripture that helps you when facing trails, please feel free to reference it in the comment thread.

Encouragement, it’s GOOD medicine.

Psalm 91

Comfort In the Storm

The Warrior

If you would like to read the post from my friend that ignited my post. Click on the link below.



7 thoughts on “I Prescribe Encouragement

  1. Donna, This is the Psalm 91 that my Dad references from his hospital bed. I could use some encouragement now and then, more recently now. Trying to find work or get more technical training so I am better prepared within a year and for my kids at their school, may they find a smooth transition. Peace to you Donna.


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