Glory In the Stars

Last night was the first evening of this year that I have been able to enjoy star gazing.

1_Orions-Belt-135mm_filteredBeing that I live near two major cities, their radiant light usually interferes with the clarity of my star gazing view. However, last night was different.  For some reason the night sky was pristine and the stars were vivid, pronounced and a joy to view.

Crescent moon to my right, the constellation of Orion directly above, and a splattering of stars blanketed the sky. My attention was captured and I stood in awe.

I took my time studying the lights that flickered above.  They were familiar to these pair of eyes, but my desire to linger and look – really look – was not.  So I took it in and what I discovered is that the longer I looked the more I saw. And the more I saw birthed a prevalent thought that probed my mind. 

Yes, I was looking at stars. I was looking at a constellation. I was looking at the moon and the universe. And I was looking beyond  the boundaries of earth.

Then the realization  – that what I was looking at has been in existence long before the creation of mankind. That Orion and its three prominent stars have hung in place, never drifting, never shifting, long before human eyes ever knew it existed.  My mind drifted to other constellations, planets, and even the Milky way. All hanging in place all still located where they’ve been charted by the earliest of Astronomers.

Magnificent – Incredible – Amazing – Glorious were just a few words that described knowing that these same stars and constellations were looked upon by all humankind.  Those such as Adam and Eve, Abraham, Noah, King David, and Jesus looked upon the very same stars as I did. The very same stars – wow.  I felt a connection and for some strange reason I felt comforted.

Why hadn’t I ever thought of that before?  Perhaps it was that I’ve taken the stars for granted.  After all they’ve always been there twinkling in the night – calming and soothing me for as long I have been on this earth.

As the weather permits, I encourage you to take some time to star gaze.  And as you look upon your favorite constellation, a group of stars, the moon and planets, think about those before us, such as Moses, Jacob, Joseph, and Jesus and how they took time one night and looked at the very sight that you are taking in. Perhaps you’ll feel the connection as I have.

May you be warmed by those thoughts and may the glory of creation be magnified. But greater yet, may we remember the One who not only created them but also holds them in place.


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