A Squandered Blessing

images-11Two weeks ago my daughter visited me for mothers day and while she was here she made a remark that stuck with me.  She mentioned the birds and how much she enjoyed listening to them. She shared that she doesn’t have the opportunity to hear them often where she lives because there is too much concrete and not enough trees. Lifting her windows usually lets in the dominating sounds of cars, planes, and trucks so the sound of birds was refreshing for her. When she said this, I realized how much I take the birds and their songs for granted.

I am fortunate enough to live in a community that has many trees, filled with many birds and I realized through her statement that I was squandering my blessing.

So I woke up this morning and made a conscious effort not to turn on the television or the radio but to just simply open the door and enjoy the natural music that God has supplied…the songs of birds and it wasn’t long before I discovered two things, diversity and relaxation.

Just as birds are diverse so are their songs. If you listen carefully you can hear the chatter of conversation that goes on between them.  One calls out, another answers. Some sing others chirp and on occasion you can hear the distinctive call of a crow piercing the air like the clanging of a cymbal.  They all have a voice, they all have a different song but together they fill the air with a symphony of music.

As I continued to listen to their concert I began to slip into a state of relaxation and the overall mood of peace and tranquility took over. I was realizing that I had not only squandered the blessing of bird song, but perhaps the very reason why they were created in the first place – to bring an overall feeling of peace, tranquility and relaxation to the human spirit.

At present, man has discovered that there are approximately 10,000 bird species in the world.  That means that there are approximately 10,000 different birds songs for us to enjoy. Wow, I don’t think my mp3 player has the capacity to hold all of them but the good news is… my ears do.

10,000 birds, 10,000 songs – tens of thousands of opportunities to acquire peace and tranquility.  May you take the time to hear the songs being played for you today.


4 thoughts on “A Squandered Blessing

  1. Opening my back door allows me to hear a symphony of music by the birds. It’s great when I can recognize them by name. Some days we have more than others in the trees that remain around us. I certainly miss more of the country side. Birds are awesome and I know there are times we don’t recognize them and they become background noise.


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