Bible Trivia Fun

bibleI thought we would have a little fun and delve into some Bible Trivia.  If you enjoy it, let me know and I’ll create a new category and post more. Have fun!  

The quiz  will open in a new window.  I would appreciate your feedback, such as – quiz too long, quiz not long enough, give hints etc…  I’m new at creating quizzes, so I’m relying on you guys to help me out. Also, I have scripture references for each answer, if you would like them let me know in the comment feed.  

Good luck and have fun!

Take Bible Trivia Quiz


8 thoughts on “Bible Trivia Fun

  1. 100% for me! For my prize, I will take a tasty dinner of chicken and rice. Make it so. LOL

    Regarding the quiz, the website hosting said quiz seemed sort of slow and unresponsive, but there’s nothing you can do about that. Mr. Grammar Nazi says that the quiz title should start with “It’s”, not “Its”. I have already trained your daughter on that common error, so her mama should do so as well 🙂 As to the questions, I thought they were well worded, and ranged from easy to hard. Well done!


    • Dear Mr. Grammar Nazi, lol…I had entered the hyphen to the word it ‘s but the hosting website wouldn’t allow it. It said that it was not a recognizable character…..hummmm…perhaps their programmer forgot to add some code…lol 😉 so as much as I wanted my hyphen, I was robbed of it. You erred in your correction sir. LOL

      Prize? Did I mention a prize?? I don’t recall mentioning a prize. Let me check my memory banks……yeah, there is no record of mentioning a prize, sorry. But since you wrongly accused me of not using proper grammar, you can make it up to me by buying me a chicken dinner. What say ye? Lol


  2. I got one wrong. I knew it was either Elisha or Elijah. If I had looked the answer up in the Bible I would have gotten it right, but I figured that was cheating. Looking forward to the next quiz.


  3. A mere technicality and I could be wrong (hey, it’s happened), but I believe the first one to the tomb of Jesus was a women. I don’t recall if you phrased the question the first apostle or not.


    • You are correct that the first to visit Jesus tomb were women. I went back to look at how I phrased the question on the quiz. It was – who outran Peter to Jesus’ tomb. I guess we could say, that Peter was a better fisherman then a runner 😉 thanks for taking the quiz, I hope you enjoyed it.


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