Faith Waiting

soar eagle

Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.  Isaiah 40: 31

Have you ever experienced a time when you have waited on God to deliver you from a uncomfortable situation and the wait seemed to last forever?  Did you grow impatient with God? Did you question His presence – His existence?

Waiting is a fact in life. We wait in line, we wait in traffic, we wait in the doctors office etc.. And if given the option to bypass waiting a high percentage of people, if not all, would take it.  We can simply step out of line or take an earlier exit or reschedule an appointment.

However, there is another type of waiting. The type that we can not manipulate or control. It is the waiting that is birthed from uncontrollable circumstances that interferes with life. It is the type of waiting that serves to be the perfecter of our faith because we are waiting for God to respond.

For hundreds of years the Hebrews, held in captivity by their Egyptian rulers, waited for their deliverer. Even longer, the children of Israel waited for the coming of the Messiah.  And since the birth of Christianity – Christians have, and are, patiently waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ…. Waiting on the Lord… is an act of faith.

When circumstances bear down on us, we’re tempted to grow impatient and orchestrate our own relief effort.  Sometimes it works, and we deliver ourselves from distress, but these are the circumstances that do not require an act of God in deliverance. They are not the trials that develop our faith.

It is the circumstances out of our control that brings us to a place of invitation. The invitation to prayerfully ask God to give us a helping hand and all that is left for us to do is to wait for Him to act.

Sometimes He acts quickly and sometimes it seems He does not.  However, even though we do not see God working – it does not mean He is not.

God loves us and is concerned about the people we become while we are waiting on Him.  As He is working in our circumstances, He is also working in us.  Waiting develops our faith as we trust God to deliver us through our circumstances.

Faith and trust go hand in hand.  If we tenaciously trust in the Lord, He will renew our spirit and strengthen us for any challenge. The result and reward of patiently waiting –  is increased faith and a deeper relationship with God.

Isaiah 40: 31 is a comforting truth, especially if you are facing circumstances that are pressing down on you.

If you are facing circumstances that are beyond your control, know that God is busy at work, not only in delivering you, but also in developing your faith while you wait on Hiim.


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