Defining Moments: Stories of Hope

images-12Three lives, one struggling with addiction, one suicidal, and another faced incurable cancer. Three lives hanging in the balance. Three facing defining moments.

Who Are They?

The Illusionist – Jim Munroe had become one of the most sought after magicians in the world; touring hundreds of cities and seeing sold out concert halls and theaters at almost every venue.

The NFL Player – David Tyree is best known for the famous “helmet catch” in 2008 on the Giants’ final drive of Super Bowl XLII in the last moments of the game. The catch came at a crucial moment, and was instrumental in continuing the drive that eventually resulted in the Giants scoring a last-minute touchdown and a 17–14 victory over the previously undefeated New England Patriots.

The Singer – For ten years, Lacey Sturm was the lead singer for the Dove Award winning hard rock band, Flyleaf. She has made guest appearances on MTV, received several awards for her music, and her vocal recording, Heavy Prey, can be heard on the Motion Picture Soundtrack, Underworld: Awakening.

See how defining moments changed their lives.


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